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A Quest called Tribe
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i'm a product designer currently working at Snap Inc in Los Angeles, CA. i've been designing different type of things for the internet, from tiny controversial experiments to larger-scale consumer products. Scroll down to check out my journey.
I'm currently a member of the product design team at snap. A small pioneer group of people with modern values I’ve always believed in. so far I’ve been honored to contribute to building for chat, calling, minis and core camera. like i do on twitter, i just enjoy coming up with random ideas, see how people react to them and from there decide to drop or push further.
2 continents. 3 cities. 4 houses. 15 people. 4 products. 1 family. Tribe was a series of social experiments backed by Sequoia Capital and KPCB. A messaging app, a calling app and a gaming app.

We gathered +7,800 upvotes on Product Hunt, been awarded several times from worldwide Institutions and featured in prestigious publications.
A Quest Called Tribe
I've released a bunch of side projects. From an ironic fan brand inspired by Balenciaga (1,2,3), the missing "Explore" section of Snapchat, or Collectible Cards on the Ethereum network. The one that blew up the most though was a controversial email-based app called Leak (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15). During my freelancing days I built an iPad app of a suite  of innovative tools for the fashion industry and - among others - a picture messaging app backed by Diddy, Nicki Minaj, and Jerome Jarre.
I have a Master Degree in Finance. I've never studied Design at school. During my College years, I created a bunch of Tumblrs (1,2) receiving 100,000+ visits, curated a newsletter of torrent links called Le Video Club (RIP), made merch for several French Colleges (1), interned at Leetchi - the "Hottest Startup #1 in Paris (Wired)" and also created my first social app  (1,2,3).
a kid
Born and raised in Paris, France. I started designing at 16 on a cracked version of Photoshop CS2. My first gigs were terrible logos & websites for my Counter Strike friends. AIM, MSN or mIRC. The early days of remote work.
DMs are opened on Twitter and Telegram. I can do email too. Love. Updated on nov 24th 2021.